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GPUGraphics Processing Unit
GPUGround Power Unit
GPUGeneral Public Utilities
GPUGreen Party of Utah
GPUGas Piston Upper (Addax, Inc.)
GPUGeneral Purpose User
GPUGeneral Postal Union (1847-1879, now UPU Universal Postal Union)
GPUGlobal Pastry Uprising
GPUGeneral Processor Unit
GPUGraphics Processing/Processor Unit
GPUGround Processing Unit
GPUGerm Plasm Utilization (livestock)
GPUGenomics Policy Research Unit
GPUGarment Production Unit (garment flammability testing)
GPUGroup Personnel Unit (UK)
GPUGossudarstwenoje Polititscheskoje Upravlenije (Russian: National Political Administration; Soviet Secret Service until 1937)
GPUGas Particulate Unit (used in chemical warfare agent filters)
GPUGossudarstwennoje Prawowoje Uprawlenije (Russian: National Legal Administration)
GPUGroupe Permanent Chargé des Installations Nucléaires de Base (French: Standing Group of Base Nuclear Installations)