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Nagra (Nationale Genossenschaft fur die Lagerung radioaktiver Abfalle).
Tiro Milch registrierte Genossenschaft mbH interpreted the requirement
Die GotlAaAaAeAnndische Genossenschaft: Der frAaAaAeA hhansisch-gotlAaAaAeAnn Handel in Nord-und Westeuropa.
Republik Osterreich (Bund), APA-OTS Originaltext--Service GmbH, APA Austria Presse Agentur registrierte Genossenschaft mit beschrankter Haftung, C-454/06, consulted at [ RO:HTML], 15.09.2016.
your essay on Trust and Corporation, written for an audience of German jurists will be regarded as a real "evenement" and will be most gratefully recepted as the most important recent contribution to that old and--as you know so well--to us so important scientific feud raging around persona ficta and "Genossenschaft" ["association" or "body politic"].
Finally, fourth place was held by Coop Genossenschaft, the second largest Swiss retailer in RTD tea.
The second-ranked player in the channel in 2015 was Coop Genossenschaft with its Bau + Hobby, Top Tip and Lumimart fascias.
Como diria Gierke (72), que en este punto es de gran ayuda para entender las fundaciones canonicas, el establecimiento de caridad seria una Anstalt, no una Genossenschaft. No una corporacion de modelo mas o menos asociativo o cooperativo, que establece sus fines y dispone libremente de su vida y de sus bienes, sino una institucion que tiene impuesto un fin.
The death of the bug reflects the successes of Strauss's organization, the GTD (Genossenschaft Deutscher Tonsetzer), in acquiring the rights that they fought for in the previous decade.
"We are convinced that there is thrther potential for optimization of existing (packaging) products well into 2015," said Guido Fuchs, sustainability project manager at Coop Genossenschaft, Basel, a Swiss retail chain.