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They then joined Gentex President and CEO Steve Downing, The Right Places Vice President of Talent Cindy Brown, Ottawa ISD Superintendent Peter Haines, and Muskegon Community College President Dale Nesbary for a panel discussion on West Michigans talent needs and how the Marshall Plan will help fill the demand for talented workers in key industries.
Gentex Corporation is a supplier of dimmable aircraft windows for aviation markets, automatic-dimming rearview mirrors and electronics to the automotive industry and fire protection products to the fire protection market.
Gentex said in July the integration process was seen to take between 12 to 18 months.
Gentex is a global high tech electronics company that understands the freedom and discipline required to run an entrepreneurial company.
Most drivers agree that the mirror is the safest, most intuitive and ergonomic location for backup camera displays," said Gentex Senior Vice President Mark Newton.
Robert Steel, managing director of its UK subsidiary Gentex Mirrors and vice president of sales in Europe, said: "The style of the building reflects our company's high-tech image and its location is ideal with one of our key customers Jaguar Land Rover also in the area.
SmartBeam is integrated into a Gentex auto-dimming mirror, which automatically darkens to eliminate glare from the headlamps of vehicles approaching from the rear.
The new C4 is the first program awarded to Gentex in the PSA small family car segment, which is the largest segment of vehicles sold in the European Union," stated Enoch Jen, Gentex Senior Vice President.
If the past experiences of BorgWarner and Gentex are any indication, TRW is likely to be happier if it can successfully execute the intent of this new theme.
Over one dozen New Hampshire entrepreneurs and businesses have contributed to the program to date, including Kedar and Renu Gupta, John Gargasz, Joe Mullen, Fred and Pam Kocher, Matt and Michelle Pierson, Jetboil, Gentex Electro-Acoustics, TD Banknorth Wealth Management, DTC Communications, GT Solar, Global Relief Technologies and Charles Hutchinson.
Natvar, a manufacturer of extruded products for the medical market, and Gentex Corp.
Gentex Respiratory Products, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.