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GPIGlobal Peace Index
GPIGenuine Progress Indicator
GPIGlycosyl Phosphatidylinositol
GPIGlucose-6-Phosphate Isomerase
GPIGlass Packaging Institute
GPIGeneral Physics Institute (Russia)
GPIGlobal Personal Identifier
GPIGraphics Programming Interface
GPIGlobal Policy Institute (London, UK)
GPIGeneral Purpose Interface
GPIGeneral Purpose Input
GPIGlobal Peace Initiative
GPIGreenpeace International
GPIGirls' Power Initiative (Nigeria)
GPIGlobus Pallidus Internus
GPIGlycoprotein Inhibitor
GPIGeneral Parts, Inc. (various locations)
GPIGrains Per Inch (arrow construction)
GPIGontermann-Peipers India
GPIGreen Press Initiative
GPIGlobal Products, Inc. (various locations)
GPIGeneral Paralysis of the Insane
GPIGraphic Publications, Inc. (Ohio)
GPIGOES Precipitation Index
GPIGeneric Product Identifier
GPIGeneral Pay Increase
GPIGeneric Product Indicator (drugs)
GPIGreat Plains Industries, Inc (Wichita, Kansas)
GPIGlobal Price Increase
GPIGas Puff Imaging
GPIGeneral Printing Ink
GPIGround Position Indicator
GPIGimbal Postion Indicator
GPIGlide Path Indicator (helipad lighting system)
GPIGran Prix Imports (cars)
GPIGeneralized Policy Iteration
GPIGround Point of Intercept
GPIGlobal Precipitation Index
GPIGruppo Partecipazioni Industriali (Italian joint stock company)
GPIGroupement de Promotion Intégrale (French)
GPIGraphical Programming Interface
GPIGlobal Partners Inc (Philippines)
GPIGail Pittman, Inc. (Ridgeland, MS)
GPIGovernment Preliminary Inspection
GPIGround Point Intercept
GPIGallons Per Inch
GPIGeneric Protocol Interface
GPIGuidance Performance Indicator (web metrics)
GPIGeneral Programming Interface (computer programming)
GPIGlobal Patent Information
GPIGerakan Pramuka Indonesia (Indonesian Scout Movement)
GPIGlobal Positioning Instrument (aka GPS)
GPIGlobal Procurement Information
GPIGas and Power Investment (Japan)
GPIGuide des Procédures de d’Immigration (Canada)
GPIGroup Priority Inversion
GPIGroup Presence Indicator
GPIGasket & Packings, Inc. (Borger, Texas)
GPIKalispell, Montana, USA - Glacier Park International Airport
GPIGovernment Provided Information
GPIGordon Point Informatics Ltd. (Canada)
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Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI): GPI is also a socio-political measure of sustainability.
The narrow GDP measure, as the main driver of unsustainable development, needs to be replaced by inclusive measures of wealth, (7) such as the Genuine Progress Indicator which includes consideration of the health of ecosystems and the well-being of people.
Sustainable Welfare in the Asia-Pacific: Studies Using the Genuine Progress Indicator.
Cobb, For the Common Good: Redirecting the Economy towards Community, the Environment, and a Sustainable Future (Boston: Beacon Press, 1989) and John Talberth, Clifford Cobb and Noah Slattery, "The Genuine Progress Indicator 2006: A Tool for Sustainable Development," www.
1997), The Genuine Progress Indicator, Discussion Paper No 14, Canberra: The Australia Institute.
Melbourne) employ a Genuine Progress Indicator to examine the GDP growth in the Asia-Pacific region and the assumption that the region has grown at the same rate as the GDP in the same period of time.
For example, the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI), developed by the San Francisco-based organization Redefining Progress, has measured growth since 1950 using estimates of factors not included in GDP as gains such as unpaid household labor.
Why Bigger Isn't Better: The Genuine Progress Indicator -- 1999 Update.
His Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) includes estimates of the value of non-marketed goods and services.
The threshold hypothesis has been supported in recent years by new measures, such as the Genuine Progress Indicator, which adjust gross domestic product (GDP) for a wide range of social and environmental factors.
Genuine progress indicator (GPI) serves as the last indicator.
The Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) starts with the same accounting framework as the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), but it adds factors such as economic contributions of household and volunteer work, and subtracts others such as crime, pollution and family breakdown.