GeoSARGeographic Synthetic Aperture Radar
GeoSARGeostationary Search And Rescue
GeoSARGeosynchronous Earth Orbit Synthetic Aperture Radar
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For the short synthetic aperture time of this bistatic radar, GEOSAR on the small orbital inclination ([less than or equal to]5[degrees]) may be approximately considered a static situation, and only the receiver contributes to the all azimuth modulations [4, 5].
[R.sub.T]([t.sub.a], [P.sub.m]) is the distance between the transmitter GEOSAR and the target [P.sub.m].
The transmitter with GEOSAR on the small inclination is confirmed as a quiescent state, and UAVSAR offers all Doppler information.
In our future work, we will further study the bistatic imaging method for GEOSAR on the large orbital inclination.
Fugro EarthData announced today that it has developed accurate, landscape-level estimates of carbon content in lowland tropical forests in South America using data collected by its airborne radar mapping platform, GeoSAR. The work is funded through a grant extended by the Blue Moon Fund, and executed through the fundEoACAOs partnerships with Wake Forest University (WFU) and NASAEoACAOs Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).
Originally developed by NASA JPL and currently owned and operated by Fugro, GeoSAR is a one-of-a-kind mapping system that collects dual-band radar data through clouds and dense foliage over large project areas.
Zeng, "A new method of zero-doppler centroid control in GEOSAR," IEEE Geosci.
This paper has proposed an improved PFA imaging algorithm for GeoSAR which undergoes a near-circular track.