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GOPEGeodetic Observatory Pecny
GOPEGrupo Operaciones Policiales Especiales (Spanish: Police Special Operations Group; Chile)
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Measured data from GNSS technology - daily files - were tested in terms of multipath signals (multipath) processed by software gNut-Anubis, which is being developed at Geodetic Observatory Pecny. Function of software is described in detail in (Vaclavovic and Dousa, 2016).
and Kostelecky, J.: 2015, Processing long stationary measuring the impact of multipath propagation of GNSS signal at the Geodetic Observatory Pecny. Comprehensive Research Report 1241/2015.
In 1991, the first GPS receiver was obtained, which was installed at the Geodetic Observatory Pecny. The receiver was used for GPS measurements in networks and for experiments only, and thus the primary importance of the Skalka station, i.e.
Palinkas (Geodetic Observatory Pecny) for the data given us via the project LM2010008--CzechGeo EPOS.
(2) Research Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography, Geodetic Observatory Pecny, 251 65 Ondfejov 244, Czech Republic
This paper summarises the developments of the near real-time GNSS solutions at the Geodetic Observatory Pecny within the CEDR project (2005-2009).
and Soucek P.: 2005, The results of near real-time COST-716 GPS campaign from Geodetic observatory Pecny, Reports on Geodesy, 2(73), 139-150.
and Le Bail, K.: 2006, First results of DORIS data analysis at Geodetic Observatory Pecny. J.
The results of long-term observations with the absolute gravimeter (AG) FG5#215 and the superconducting gravimeter (SG) OSG-050 at the Geodetic Observatory Pecny are used for the evaluation of the "long-term" reproducibility of the FG5#215.
2a, which was installed on the Geodetic Observatory PecnY GOPE (Czech Republic, 49.90N, 14.78E)--see Fig.