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Research Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography, Geodetic Observatory Pecny, 244, 251 65 Ondfejov
In 1991, the first GPS receiver was obtained, which was installed at the Geodetic Observatory Pecny.
The base is part of the Geodetic Observatory Pecny and originally served to observations of artificial Earth satellites.
This situation also shows the variable stability of a long-term operative run of the WVR at Geodetic Observatory Pecny.
The instrumentation of the Geodetic Observatory Pecny was upgraded and extended by the superconducting gravimeter OSG-050, the microwave water vapor radiometer TP/WVP-3000 of Radiometrics Inc.
This paper summarises the developments of the near real-time GNSS solutions at the Geodetic Observatory Pecny within the CEDR project (2005-2009).
2005, The results of near real-time COST-716 GPS campaign from Geodetic observatory Pecny, Reports on Geodesy, 2(73), 139-150.
2006, First results of DORIS data analysis at Geodetic Observatory Pecny.
2a, which was installed on the Geodetic Observatory PecnY GOPE (Czech Republic, 49.