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GAOIGeographic Area of Interest (US Navy)
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It would need to be supplemented by monographs specific to the geographic area of interest, a reasonable strategy considering the price of the paper edition.
CASPER provides a survey method to select and interview households that are representative of the whole population using a cluster sampling methodology that can be described in the following steps: 1) define a geographic area of interest as the sampling frame; 2) within this sampling frame, select a sample of 30 clusters (areas delineated by census, usually census blocks) with "probability proportional to size"; and 3) systematically sample seven households for face-to-face interviews within each cluster.
Viewing listings on a map allows prospective residents to see what supply is available and where, and instant information about the current state of the rental market in their geographic area of interest.
You will then be asked to specify a geographic area of interest that the mapper should display.
The well was aimed at identifying the prospective possibilities of the eastern flank of the Kevin Dome, and the information will be included in the company's revised geological model, which will determine the company's future geographic area of interest.
Geosemble's GeoXray tool provides a way to filter first by a geographic area of interest, and then by topics of interest, thereby dramatically reducing data overload and delivering more time for analysis, collaboration and action by its customer organizations.
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