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Can the "Italianness" of cultural products be partly assumed due to the authors' identity, the use of Italian as linguistic medium, and/or their geographic situation? Spackman substantiates her answer to Ceserani with valid theses.
The Communication takes account of inherent risks stemming from the geographic situation of coastal zones and means of managing these risks, notably natural disasters and accidents (major cases of pollution at sea), coastal erosion, trafficking in human beings and terrorist threats.
The immediate aim is to enhance the energy security of members regardless of their geographic situation and their precise form of energy dependency.
No doubt, Hungary has been influenced by that culture, but because of the geographic situation and the resulting historical development it was influenced by the Ottoman Empire too.
Add to this the geographic situation where the militants herded the four captives over the almost impassable terrain of the Himalayas, and the precariousness of the situation is evident.
Lastly, in the eighteenth century the central geographic situation of Germany in Europe and the cultural hegemony of France resulted in a curious situation.
It aims to introduce cost-effective, non-PC-based technologies into American schools, helping to ensure that all students, teachers and parents have access to the Internet and educational software, regardless of economic or geographic situation.
Mr Ahern said: "Scotland has a different history from Ireland and a different geographic situation within the union.
The massing of a big battle fleet was a necessity for Great Britain because of its particular geographic situation: an island nation in close proximity to rival powers.
"The event is a bit idiosyncratic, given the peculiar geographic situation in which it happened, but in a broader sense it highlights the huge changes that glaciers are undergoing around the world due to climate change," study co-author John Clague from Canada's Simon Fraser University said in the statement.
Southern districts in general are monitored because of geographic situation. EOC Coordinator Dr.
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