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GNBGreensburg (Amtrak station code; Greensburg, PA)
GNBGuinea-Bissau (ISO Country code)
GNBGood News Bible
GNBGeographical Names Board (Australia)
GNBGas Non-Blowback (pistol)
GNBGaussian Normal Basis
GNBGender Non-Binary
GNBGoliath National Bank (How I Met Your Mother fictional bank)
GNBGram-Negative Bacillus
GNBGroup of Notified Bodies
GNBGardner National Bank (Gardner, KS)
GNBGrenoble, France - St Geoirs (Airport Code)
GNBGraphical Network Browser (Nortel)
GNBGlobal Networked Business
GNBGing Nang Boyz (band)
GNBGould National Batteries, Inc.
GNBGesellschaft für Nuklear-Behalter, MbH
GNBGreat North Badge Company (UK)
GNBGears and Beers
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However, Francis MacCabe's name has recently, and quite rightly, been brought to prominence in Australian history following the decision in 2008 by the Geographical Names Board to give his name to the corner on the south bank of the Murray River where South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales meet.
The 2010 Canadian Heritage Rivers System (CHRS, 2011) description does not explain the origin of the name "Kazan." The Geographical Names Board of Canada (GNBC) database records show that the name, which means 'white partridge river,' was accepted in 1910 (White, 1910:388).
On returning from this trip Mauro then petitioned the Geographical Names Board of Canada to adopt a certain number of names applied to the land in Wallace's The Lure of the Labrador Wild.
It shall be known as Mount Hubbard." (64) For whatever reason, the Geographical Names Board has never officially adopted this name.
The administrative history of the Lands Department is also covered, including the establishment of the Central Mapping Authority in 1951 and the Geographical Names Board in 1966.
It has also had representations on the Alberta Geographical Names Board, and a host of other heritage organizations and was a party to the drafting of the first heritage legislation for Alberta.
He was also on the Board of the History Council of NSW 1995-2001, and has been a member of the NSW Geographical Names Board since 2001
The entry of data into the GNR was not 100% accurate by any means, and we've been glad to return some added value by sending occasional lists of corrections to our colleagues at the Geographical Names Board at Bathurst.
The newest suburb to be officially declared in Kingsgrove is Clemton Park, gazetted by the Geographical Names Board only in 2000.
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