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Managers of virtual teams agree that the proliferation of broadband telephony and the growth of video conferencing and other online communication tools have provided a huge boost to collaboration among geographically dispersed teams.
A: I aid in the analysis, design, development, and support of a web site for managing geographically dispersed teams and reducing overheads on the reporting of the completion status of teams with respect to each software release.
iManage WorkTeam enables geographically dispersed teams to set up meetings, assign tasks, manage milestones, hold online discussions and conduct other collaboration activities to streamline business processes.
We were faced with the challenge of assessing ideas from geographically dispersed teams in order to quickly turn a multitude of concepts into products," said Benny Sommerfeld, concept business manager at the Volvo Monitoring and Concept Center.
DxDesigner enables geographically dispersed teams to work together to capture, verify and simulate their designs.
Prof Kumar Bhattacharyya, director of WMG, said: "These new techniques will allow geographically dispersed teams across large extended enterprises to work simultaneously on the same design project.
With its new tool, EAI says companies can "dramatically reduce product design time and expense" by reducing the need for physical models, allowing geographically dispersed teams to collaborate with 1:1 scale virtual prototypes while providing decision makers with a clear vision of the intended design.
It is an especially powerful tool to co-ordinate the activities of the geographically dispersed teams typical of today's drug discovery process.
Business Collaborator offers a centralized Common Data Environment that can be fully audited allowing geographically dispersed teams to store and share project information and processes safely in the Cloud.
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