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GCOSGlobal Climate Observing System
GCOSGeneral Comprehensive Operating System
GCOSGeneChip Operating Software (Affymetrix)
GCOSGeneral Comprehensive Operating System (Honeywell)
GCOSGod's Chosen Operating System
GCOSGround Computer Operating System (US NASA)
GCOSGeologic Chance of Success (oil drilling)
GCOSGreat Canadian Oil Sands Limited (est. 1953; Alberta, Canada)
GCOSGeneral Chief of Staff
GCOSGlobal Cyberspace Operations Synchronization (security)
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Max's estimates that it has recoverable resource potential of 8 million barrels with a geologic chance of success of 26%.
Noble Energy, which leads the group and owns 40 percent of Leviathan, has said the well has gross unrisked mean resources of 16 trillion cubic feet of gas (453 billion cubic meters) and has a 50 percent geologic chance of success.