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GSGirl Scout
GSGames Started (sports statistic)
GSGeneral Schedule
GSGran Sport (Buick)
GSGolden State
GSGlobal Sources
GSGoldman Sachs Group, Inc.
GSGreen Seal (environmental standard)
GSGrade School
GSGold, Silver
GSGrand Seiko (Seiko Watch Corp.)
GSGraduate Student
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GSGeneral Service
GSGeneral Surgery
GSGeological Survey
GSGold Standard
GSGiant Slalom
GSGeneral Support
GSGainesville Sun (Gainesville, FL newspaper)
GSGas Station
GSGrand Slam (baseball)
GSGerman Shepherd
GSGround Station
GSGenerator Set
GSGame Show
GSGood Shepherd
GSGangnam Style (South Korean rap music)
GSGedeputeerde Staten
GSGamespot (video game website)
GSSouth Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (ISO country code, top level domain)
GSGarden State
GSGlutamine Synthetase (enzyme)
GSGeneral Study (education)
GSGround Support
GSGamestop (video game store)
GSGeneral Secretary (in colleges of India)
GSGood Samaritan
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GSGodsmack (band)
GSGaza Strip
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GSGeneral Specification
GSGeprüfte Sicherheit (German: Proved Safety law)
GSGeneral Staff
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GSGovernment Security
GSGeorge Strait (country music artist)
GSGrade Scale (US federal government wage level)
GSGas Supplier
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GSGeorge School (Pennsylvania)
GSGundam Seed (anime)
GSGet Smart (1960s TV show)
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GSGlobal Solution
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GSGraphics and Sound (Apple Computers)
GSGroup Separator (ASCII character 29)
GSGroup Separator
GSGlobal Supplier
GSGeopathic Stress (alleged illness caused by electromagnetivity)
GSGiant Spider (gaming, Tibia Massive Multiplayer Online RPG)
GSGrass Seed
GSGeronimo Stilton (book series)
GSGigasample (audio)
GSGrand Sedan (Lexus)
GSGroup Status (insurance)
GSGovernment Surplus
GSGeneral Solution
GSGround System
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GSGraded Series
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GSGang Show (scout/guide)
GSGrace Slick (singer)
GSGilbert's Syndrome (liver disorder)
GSGeek Speak
GSGerman Silver (rabbit breed)
GSSnow Pellets (METAR precipitation)
GSGrip Safety (firearms)
GSGeomagnetic Field
GSGovernment Stock(s)
GSGuidance Section
GSGuilty Spark
GSGestational Sac (intrauterine structure)
GSGrub Screw
GSGüzel Sanatlar
GSGoldshire (gaming)
GSGeometer's Sketchpad (education)
GSGriscelli Syndrome
GSGandke & Schubert (German software company)
GSGeneral Surveillance
GSGuy Smiley (Sesame Street character)
GSGroton School (Massachusetts)
GSGreenland to St. Johns (routing destination; US Navy)
GSGelände-Strasse (German: Off-Road / On-Road; motorcycles)
GSGrand Soul (gaming)
GSGeneral Station
GSGroup Station (Oil and Gas)
GSGuest Scientist (program)
GSGelijkstroom (Dutch: Direct Current)
GSGlide Scope
GSGravity Switch
GSGraphics Synthesiser (Sony PlayStation2)
GSGalilee Society (Israel)
GSGeneric Switch
GSGrissom Sara (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation TV show)
GSGlobal Shield
GSGalatasaray Sports Club (Turkey soccer club)
GSGeneral Satellite Corporation
GSGeekshelter (website)
GSGuided Scrambling
GSGenerator Shelter
GSGuidance Subsystem
GSGeneral Support Series
GSGrowth Sire
GS(USN Rating) Gas Turbine System Technician
GSSouth Georgia & The South Sandwich Island (ISO country code)
GSGuteral Steel
GSGulf States Mennonite Conference (Philadelphia, MS)
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One method is to use mathematical instruments, such as a pair of compasses, protractors and set squares, to construct the actual figure; or to use geometrical software such as GeoGebra or Geometer's Sketchpad (GSP) to do the same.
At present, the Geometer's Sketchpad Assisted Mathematics Teachers' role has been recognized.
The students made digital drawings of variously shaped holes with Geometer's Sketchpad to better understand contours.
NIIT nGuru Math Lab is an innovative solution which enables students to learn and explore mathematical concepts using technology tools such as 'Geometer's Sketchpad' as well as undertake hands-on activities using a wide variety of mathematical models, to comprehend the subject better.
In Figure 4, Autograph, The Geometer's Sketchpad and TinkerPlots were grouped together as "Maths specialist software" section.
Coe said she hopes to expand Key's most popular software product, The Geometer's Sketchpad, a math program for grades 3 through 12, and to develop other software titles for math and science education.
I will also learn how to use specially designed softwares such as Geometer's Sketchpad and Geogebra.I also plan to study how the use of technology affects the attitude of students towards Mathematics and Geometry in particular."
Sketch [in The Geometer's Sketchpad (GSP)] the square with the cut lines that will form a regular octagon [Figure 2].
In [1] a remote add-on for dealing with Cabri, Cinderella, GeoGebra and The Geometer's Sketchpad constructions is described.
Users of Geometer's Sketchpad already know this software helps students in elementary, middle, and high school gain a visual understanding of math concepts.
This study aimed to compare mathematics learning achievement entitled Parabola, attitude towards mathematics, and analytical thinking abilities of Mathayomsuksa 3 (grade 9) students between organization of activities using the Geometer's Sketchpad Program as media and organization of activities using conventional method.
would they have been attracted to a boring subject?" And employing technology he pointed out "how these great minds could think of these things without Jackiw's Geometer's Sketchpad."