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The geometric mean (geometric standard deviation) of the concentration of 1-OHP in production workers was 0.12 (3.54) [micro]mole/mole-Cr., which was significantly higher than that for clerical workers (0.06 (2.60) [micro]mole/mole-Cr.; p < 0.01), and the concentration of 2-naphthol in production workers was 2.82 (6.64) [micro]mole/ mole-Cr., which was significantly higher than that for clerical workers (1.94 (6.19) [micro]mole/ mole-Cr.; p < 0.05).
The geometric mean (geometric standard deviation) of the concentration of 1-OHP significantly increased from 0.36 (2.81) [micro]mole/ mole-Cr.
Before typhoon season After typhoon season Site [D.sub.g] [S.sub.g] B [D.sub.g] [S.sub.g] B 1 9.17 6.55 6.55 3.24 4.63 4.63 2 16.12 4.03 4.03 7.65 5.88 5.88 3 47.43 3.16 3.16 26.46 2.65 2.65 4 11.40 5.70 5.70 21.91 3.65 3.65 5 26.15 1.45 1.45 64.42 1.29 1.29 6 26.83 1.49 1.49 54.77 1.37 1.37 7 31.30 1.57 1.57 54.44 1.40 1.40 8 74.16 1.48 1.48 60.79 1.45 1.45 9 44.27 1.58 1.58 62.53 1.36 1.36 10 52.25 1.49 1.49 78.99 1.52 1.52 11 32.56 1.63 1.63 67.08 1.49 1.49 [D.sub.g]: geometric mean; [S.sub.g]: geometric standard deviation; B: Bimodality.
To discuss the size distribution of our samples we can rely on the geometric standard deviation, [[sigma].sub.g].
The results of the fit indicate that the geometric mean diameters are 0.138 and 0.144 [micro]m, and the geometric standard deviations are 1.73 and 1.65 for the average results in the plume and the duct, respectively.
Table 2 Particle Mean Diameters and Geometric Standard Deviations from the Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer Data from all the Appliances Tested Plume Exhaust Duct Geometric Geometric Appliance Mean, Standard Mean, Standard [micro]m Deviation [micro]m Deviation Conveyor Broiler 0.138 1.73 0.144 1.65 Clamshell Griddle 0.086 2.14 0.098 1.76 Conveyor Pizza Oven 0.036 1.53 0.038 1.53 Overfired Broiler 0.044 1.57 0.049 1.54 Steamer <0.02 Solid Fuel Broiler 0.173 1.79 0.145 1.66 Wok 0.054 2.14 0.055 1.88 A lower limit of 0.01 [micro]m (10 nm) has been assumed for particles captured by the final filter used on the impactor, as was assumed in the previous ASHRAE study (Gerstler et al.
After removal of gypsum from the soil samples, the easily obtainable samples were divided into 2 groups: (1) particle-size distribution, bulk density; (2) bulk density, geometric mean, and geometric standard deviation of the particle diameter.
The distribution of concentrations was highly skewed; thus we used medians, geometric means, and geometric standard deviations to further characterize the central tendency of the exposures.
Geometric means and geometric standard deviations were calculated when data were approximately lognormally distributed, as judged by ShapiroWilks tests and visual assessment.
TABLE 1 Geometric Mean (GM) and Geometric Standard Deviation (GSD) Light Intensity Levels at Different Locations in Walk-in Coolers with Fluorescent and Incandescent Light Fixtures Fluorescent (n = 12) Center Floor Upper Shelf Lower Shelf GM 15.27 ft-c 7.11 ft-c 3.97 ft-c GSD 2.08 ft-c 2.34 ft-c 2.32 ft-c Range 6.4-85.5 ft-c 2.1-45.7 ft-c 1.2-29.9 ft-c Incandescent (n = 43) Center Floor Upper Shelf Lower Shelf GM 3.43 ft-c 1.53 ft-c 0.544 ft-c GSD 2.01 ft-c 2.88 ft-c 3.00 ft-c Range 1.0-16.7 ft-c 0.22-10.1 ft-c 0.03-4.9 ft-c Note: At each location, the mean light levels were significantly higher (p < .05) for walk-in coolers with fluorescent light fixtures than for walk-in coolers with incandescent light fixtures.
If the total annual area swept by tornadoes is usually within the range of 3,500 to 34,000 acres (i.e., within one geometric standard deviation of the geometric mean), then the fraction of the state's area swept each year will typically be in the range 0.008 percent to 0.08 percent.
The average airborne fungi concentration in Dome A (geometric mean = 110 CFU/[m.sup.3], geometric standard deviation = 1.5) was higher than in Dome B (42 CFU/[m.sup.3], geometric standard deviation = 2.1).