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In order to avert the metaphysical difficulties of the Parmenidean construal of the nature of time inherent in such theories, Smith is forced to interpret quantum gravitational models' employment of geometrodynamics and imaginary time instrumentally rather than realistically and to take the beginning of the universe out of nothing to occur at the first moment of real time ([1993], p.
(It is a blueprint for the ultimate nature and comprehensibility of the universe.) Examples of metaphysical blueprints from the history of physics are: the corpuscular hypothesis of the seventeenth century; Boscovich's point-atomism; Einstein's unified field view; Wheeler's geometrodynamics. An example of a blueprint from contemporary physics is superstring theory, which is, at its present state of development, very much a blueprint rather than a theory.
Wheeler, "On the nature of quantum geometrodynamics," Annals of Physics, vol.
The geometrodynamics of the famous scientist John Archibald Wheeler, who passed away in 2008, does not seem to find favor among modern physicists.
According to the formulae obrained in [4] on the basis of Wheeeler's geometrodynamics, the aforementioned mass can be expressed in the [m.sub.e] [c.sup.2] units as
It is necessary to outline a survey illustration of our model worked out in the spirit of Wheeler's geometrodynamics. The logic of the model, and its adequacy, is justified by many examples.
Wheeler suggested his own concept of geometrodynamics. According to the concept, the charged microparticles are special points in the three-dimensional spatial surface of our world, connected to each other through "wormholes" --vortical tubes analogous to the lines of current working according to the "input-output" ("source-drain") principle, but in an additional dimension of space.
The solution is based on Wheeler-De Witt equation for a Bianchi-I metric obtained by Krechet, Fil'chenkov, and Shikin [1], in the framework of quantum geometrodynamics. Albeit the essence of the solution is quite similar from the solution given in [1] using Bessel function, in the present paper we present numerical result using Maxima.
And if we consider that one can find simplified representation of Maxwell equations with Special Relativity (Minkowski metric), then the next logical step of this "metrical" (some physicists prefer to call it "geometrodynamics") approach is to represent gravitation with yet another special relativistic but with extra-dimension(s).
For example, the superspace of geometrodynamics [13] has infinite degrees of freedom so that it is technically impossible to integrate the full infinite dimensional WDW equation.