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GEONSGeomagnetic Event Observation Network by Students (US NASA)
GEONSGPS-Enhanced Orbit Navigation System
GEONSGPS Enhanced On-Board Navigation System
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Another way to analyze the composition of integrated geons is to calculate the Shannon index (SI) (Shannon and Weaver 1949) as a measure of entropy (Figure 7).
For comparing the two types of geons introduced in this paper, we follow the seven-stage semantic hierarchy for geographic information constructs introduced by (Couclelis 2010) (see Figure 8).
Composite geons operate in the geo-object domain (Goodchild, Yuan, and Cova 2007).
Integrated geons remain in the field object domain, yet operating in granular space using a preemptive discrete field-based model (Mark 1999; Voudouris 2010).
The semiautomated delineation of geons using expert-based production systems ensures repeatability under similar conditions.
From a data model point of view, the generated geons are areal objects.
Both types of geons are built around theoretical frameworks that need to be conceptualized and operationalized: composite geons use mapping keys including particular instructions on composition and structure (very much like an entity-based ontology), integrated geons employ a conceptual framework that de-/composes the latent multidimensional phenomena.
With respect to MAUP, we argue that the mapping of a spatial composite indicator using integrated geons is embedded in a conceptual framework.
We extended the geon concept by presenting two types of geons, composite and integrated geons.
"Geons Policy-Relevant Geo-Objects for Monitoring High-Level Indicators." In Geospatial Crossroads @ GIJForum ' 08, edited by A.
Characteristics of composite geons on BTC and BB level, not considering class 'other' (BTC = biotope complex, BB = building block, ha = hectares).
We utilize the geon approach in two ways to accomplish domain-specific (i.e., expert-based) and semiautomated regionalization.