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Children's Cancer and Hematology Clinic; "The Vampire Diaries" star Kat Graham, who champions the Water Project; Vanessa Hudgens, who's committed to the Make a Wish Foundation; "Modern Family's" Sarah Hyland, who works with George Lopez's Lopez Foundation; singer Jordin Sparks, who campaigns for Childhelp; and the Jonas brothers, whose Change for the Children org supports a variety of programs that inspire and motivate young people.
Washington, Mar 25 (ANI): Comedian George Lopez has been slammed for comparing actress Kirstie Alley to a pig after her performance on 'Dancing With the Stars'.
Exec Digital offers a perspective on everyone, from established names such as Jay Leno and David Letterman, to late-night newcomers like TBS' George Lopez.
s Turner Broadcasting System, said comedian George Lopez had personally called O Brien asking him to join TBS.
As the sun rises on the city, florist Reed (Ashton Kutcher) proposes to career-driven girlfriend Morley (Jessica Alba) and miraculously she accepts, to the surprise of his happily married right-hand man Alphonso (George Lopez) and teacher best friend Julia (Jennifer Garner).
Piper Perabo, Manolo Cardona, Jose Maria Yazpik, Maury Sterling, Jamie Lee Curtis and the voices of Drew Barrymore, George Lopez, Andy Garcia, Placido Domingo, Luis Guzman, Cheech Marin, Paul Rodriguez.
Dan Fogler and George Lopez also star, while the gorgeous Maggie Qadds glamour to the proceedings.
Mientras tanto, en California, Papi (voz de George Lopez) se monta capa y espada como el eterno Chihuahua enamorado de Chloe y se dispone a rescatar a su amada a como de lugar.
While walking the blue carpet July 24 at Sony's "The Smurfs" 3D premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater, star George Lopez confessed, "I'm really not sure what a Smurf is.
"So you were green even when you were in high school," host George Lopez replied, joking about the "Green Hornet" star's environmentally friendly lifestyle.
FBI Agent Rodriguez (George Lopez) and his colleagues are desperate to apprehend criminal mastermind Feng (Christopher Walken), a shadowy figure who organises a ping-pong tournament every year in his secret lair.
El punto focal de este documental es George Lopez, un icono de esta cultura en los escenarios centrales del mundo del espectaculo.