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GWBGeorge Washington Bridge
GWBGesetz Gegen Wettbewerbsbeschränkungen (act against restraints of competition, Germany)
GWBGeochemist's Workbench (scientific software)
GWBGeorge Walker Bush (43rd US president; aka George W. Bush)
GWBGeoscientists without Borders (Tulsa, OK)
GWBGeneral Well Being
GWBGypsum Wall Board
GWBGravitational-Wave Burst
GWBGreat White Brotherhood (spiritual organization; aka Great Brotherhood of Light)
GWBGraduate Women in Business (various organizations)
GWBGuys with Beards (record label)
GWBGhetto White Boys (rap group; Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)
GWBGrantmakers without Borders (San Francisco, CA)
GWBGarden Walk Buffalo (Buffalo, NY)
GWBGround Window Bar
GWBGwinnett Community Band (Atlanta, GA)
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While Stanishev is no George Walker Bush, neither is Boiko Borissov quite Barack Obama, from whom the Sofia mayor borrowed the idea for his main campaign motto--Let's prove that Bulgaria can.
A dos anos, comprobamos que no se necesito ser vidente para predecir el naufragio con que Calderon inauguro su sexenio, en su peregrina idea de organizar una guerra para tratar de legitimar su endeble arribo al poder, imitando la tactica de George Walker Bush, cuyo lamentable final seguramente imitara tambien.
GEORGE Walker Bush is guaranteed a unique place in history - the first US president of modern times to have contributed nothing positive to the world
Con la llegada de George Walker Bush a la Presidencia se desencadeno el fin de la supremacia moral de Estados Unidos.
US President George Walker Bush was rather fast in correctly declaring this a terrorist attack.
I can understand how they would be embarrassed to come from the same state as George Walker Bush, though.
And they need to hear it from the most senior American official of all, George Walker Bush.
Cynthia McKinney [GA-4] "Articles of Impeachment Against George Walker Bush and Other High Officials" Resolution demanding the impeachment of President Bush for high crimes and misdemeanors.