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GAFGlobal Assessment of Functioning
GAFGeographic Adjustment Factor (Medicare; US DHHS)
GAFGeneric Application Frames
GAFGeneric Agreement Framework
GAFGeneric Adaptation Framework
GAFGeneric Architecture Framework
GAFGerman-American Festival (Ohio)
GAFGerman Air Force
GAFGhana Armed Forces
GAFGarfield and Friends (cartoon)
GAFGeneral Application Form (various organizations)
GAFGreen Anti-Capitalist Front
GAFGet A Freelancer (freelance services website)
GAFGeneral Aniline & Film
GAFGrowth Area Funding (UK)
GAFGold Afternoon Fix (Church band album)
GAFGaming Age Forum
GAFGender AIDS Forum (South Africa)
GAFGhana Air Force
GAFGlobal AIDS Fund
GAFGrant Approval Form (various organizations)
GAFGround Augmentation Fill (soil)
GAFGreyladyes Arts Foundation (UK)
GAFGolf Association of Florida
GAFGive A Fig
GAFGuinean Armed Forces
GAFGive A Flip (polite form)
GAFGround Alert Facility
GAFGlobal Address Finder
GAFGround Assault Force
GAFGeneral Access Facility
GAFGroup Audit Form
GAFGeneral Merchandise, Apparel and Home Furnishing (retail sales)
GAFGabonese Armed Forces
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They did this against a German air force that had been at battle for five years or more--albeit many of its pilots were mere boys too.
During the time I was on the beach, I picked up one of the leaflets dropped by the German Air Force. It is similar to one pictured in Brian Murphy's article "Despair!
Coleman Barracks, formerly Fliegerhorst (flyer's nest) Kaserne, was built in 1938 as an airfield for the German air force operating fighters and bombers.
For the opening shot he sent his fighters deep into German airspace to directly attack the German Air Force. That cleared the way for the bombardment and attack squadrons to go after German headquarters elements, troop concentrations, staging areas, transportation infrastructure, and airfields.
Indeed, earlier this year, the German Air Force announced that it would replace AAR-47s on the Luftwaffe's C-160 Transall medium transports with AAR-54 missile-warning systems from Northrop Grumman (Rolling Meadows, IL).
A German air force jet and crew were on standby there, ready to fly them on to Germany last night or this morning.
Last fall, Exercise Agile Archer 2002 pitted Navy F/A- 18 Hornets, F-14 Tomcats and F-5 Tiger IIs against German Air Force (GAF) MiG-29 Fulcrums and U.S.
IN yesterday's Daily Record we inadvertently reported that a World War II bomb found in a Glasgow building had been dropped by the German air force.
(NASDAQ:BEAS), San Jose, Calif., a leading application infrastructure software company, has announced that the German Air Force has signed an agreement to develop standards-based application server technology from BEA for a military command and control system which could become a model for all NATO countries.
An American pilot is learning about the German air force while flying the Russian-built MiG-29
He deemed it necessary to knock out the German Air Force to ensure that it could not defend against the Normandy landing on D-Day in June.
During the ceremonies, Lieutenant Colonel Klaus Waterholter, a student and representative of the German Air Force Logistics Command, presented certificates of appreciation to the Infantry School support staff.
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