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The financial authorities used all sorts of gimmicks to obtain more of it, such as the Intershops where only [West] German Deutschmarks were used for purchases (usually imported things such as coffee, chocolate, bananas, and luxury items), or the D-Mark pump at larger filling stations and on the Autobahn transit routes to West Berlin that sold high quality gasoline at lower prices than fixed-price Western stations, thus encouraging West German visitors to fill up before heading back home.
The secret police also irradiated West German Deutschmarks to see how they circulated, to whom and for what purpose.
For instance, the Stasi marked West German Deutschmarks with large amounts of scandium, a radiation emitter, to see how and to whom they circulated.
05 German Deutschmarks yesterday, is making exports too expensive to sell while sucking in cheap imports.
But China's embrace of capitalism has periodically pried open the doors to some American dollars, German deutschmarks, and British pounds.
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