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GINIGerman Infant Nutritional Intervention (study; Germany)
GINIGazette International Networking Institute
GINIGlobal Information Networking Institute
GINIGPS/INS Integration (navigation software)
GINIGene Identification by NMD (Nonsense Mediated Decay) Inhibition
GINIGOES Ingest and NOAAPORT Interface
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Schmitt and his coworkers have most recently turned to the German Infant Nutritional Intervention Study (GINI-Plus), a 3,000-subject multicenter prospective investigation into environmental and genetic influences on the development of allergies.
The Effect of Hydrolyzed Cow's Milk Formula for Allergy Prevention in the First Year of Life: The German Infant Nutritional Intervention Study, A Randomized Double-Blind Trial," J.
Andrea yon Berg and associates in the German Infant Nutritional Intervention (GINI) study compared three hydrolyzed formulas with a standard cow's-milk formula to see which ones protected at-risk infants from developing atopic dermatitis and asthma.
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