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In the GEMMA experiment at the Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant (KNPP), where a high-purity germanium detector of 1.5 kg has been placed 13.9 m from the 3 GW reactor core, the flux of antineutrinos was 2.7 x [10.sup.13] v/[cm.sup.2]/s.
Radford, a researcher in ORNL's Physics Division and an expert in germanium detectors, has been delivering germanium-76 to Sanford Underground Research Laboratory (SURF) in Lead, S.D., for the project.
Bowden et al., "Results from a search for light-mass dark matter with a p-type point contact germanium detector," Physical Review Letters, vol.
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Product Sub-Category: Co-axial cylindrical germanium detector
based on High Purity Germanium Detector (HPGe) to be used for the
Tenders are invited for Purchase and installation of large area balanced photo-receiver, 5 mm germanium detector, 800-1700 nm, and large area optical receiver, 5.8 mm silicon detector, 190-1110 nm along with stable power supply
Tenders are invited for "Supply, installation, setup and maintenance of a semiconductor germanium detector and software update of a gamma spectrometry system compatible with a multichannel analyzer DSA100, manufactured by Canberra with specialized software (GENIE 2000), working in the laboratory of radioecology and radioisotope studies at IPAR "Nikola Pushkarov"
Supply of 2 measurement channels for gamma spectrometry with germanium detector for the benefit of sprs ilo
Tenders invited for Supply of p-type high purity germanium detector along with preamplifier (liquid nitrogen cooled, l-type dewar) and gamma ray annalysis software for gamma ray spectrometry
Contract: The centre for radiation, chemicals and environmental hazards, part of public health england, has a requirement for a hyper-pure germanium detector and two compatible cooler units.