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GESAGenerating Expectations for Student Achievement (educational program; various locations)
GESAGrid Economic Services Architecture
GESAGlobal Energy Security Analysis (professional magazine)
GESAGeneral Electronics Services Australia (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
GESAGeneral Equipment Support Activity
GESAGeneral Electric Supervisory Association
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We are thrilled to present Fiserv with the IDC Financial Insights FinTech Rankings Real Results Award for the implementation of biometric palm authentication at Gesa Credit Union," Karen Massey, senior analyst for banking at IDC said.
She said: "There was great goalkeeping from Andrea and some brilliant shots from Gesa and our new line player Blessing.
Gesa Stedmans most recent monograph does not attempt to discuss the influence of English culture on the French population; rather it focuses predominantly on the impact of French culture in England.
Gesa has also previously held roles at KPMG and Deutsche Bank (NYSE: DB) (DBK.
6% to 995,500; the airport was becoming one of those packac gesa on the arrivai lsa carousel labelled a "FraF gile"a and "Handle Withi Care".
01) suivie de l'Allemande Gesa Felicitas Krause (9:24.
Kafka's relationship to the medium of photography in both his personal life and his writing has received significant attention in recent years and Gesa Schneider's monograph on Kafka's photographic poetics is certainly a worthy contribution to the field.
Offstage, too, they attained a familial closeness, which extended to Barto's second wife, Gesa,.
Hanso Hasso Weichbrodt and his wife Borm Jan Gesa Weichbrodt, who have been visiting the country since mid-September, were attacked early last week.
El equipo multiprofesional GESA ha elaborado y desarrollado en centros de Educacion Secundaria Obligatoria (ESO) un programa educativo que ayude a mejorar la calidad de vida de los estudiantes asmaticos, mediante el ofrecimiento de recursos y apoyo a los profesores de Educacion Fisica que trabajan con estos estudiantes.
RCA has similar data partnerships with Property Data (UK), HBS Research (France), Thomas Daily (Germany), Bulwien Gesa (Germany), Feri EuroRating (Germany), VGM Real Estate (Netherlands), Stan Dickens Property Services (Spain), KTI (Finland), Confidential Imobiliario (Portugal), EPRC, a division of Hong Kong Economic Times (Hong Kong) and SAMS (Korea).
Gesa Weinert introduces the critical edition of Lenz's poetry, soon to appear and to include unknown works and versions of poems, while Heribert Tommek reassesses Lenz's Moscow writings and activities, warning of the dangers of seeing them from the perspective of their culmination in his legendary madness.