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"In a way," she continued thoughtfully, "I should like to get rid of it, and yet--how old are you, Wingrave?
Very probably the good-looking face of the young woman in the dogs had a good deal to do with the impression of well-being this peasant household made upon Levin, but the impression was so strong that Levin could never get rid of it. And all the way from the old peasant's to Sviazhsky's he kept recalling this peasant farm as though there were something in this impression that demanded his special attention.
It would pay dividends to get rid of it...there are people who will not sell property or transfer property [because of it.]" The Senator also noted that, "You know better than I how to "get around" the tax.
It's still costing us $30-35 a ton to get rid of it but we're only getting rid of one-third as much as we used to, and tipping fees are coming down again.
LR: It's amazing how in California (or maybe it's worldwide by now) one thinks that one can externalize something like that and get rid of it, I mean without taking it in.
Please help me get rid of it. My screen looks like a Christmas tree.