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GAJGroupe d'Appui Judiciaire (French: Judicial Support Group)
GAJGet a Job (Internet slang)
GAJGroupe Action Jeunesse (French: Youth Action Group)
GAJGreenhouse Gas Assurance Association of Japan
GAJGroupe Animation Jeunesse (French: Youth Group Animation)
GAJYamagata, Japan - Junmachi (Airport Code)
GAJGlasgow Archaeological Journal (UK)
GAJGod/Allah/Jehovah (Robert Lewis)
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For one evening the old man came home in a great state of excitement, with the tale that he had been approached by a man in one of the corridors of the pickle rooms of Durham's, and asked what he would pay to get a job. He had not known what to make of this at first; but the man had gone on with matter-of-fact frankness to say that he could get him a job, provided that he were willing to pay one-third of his wages for it.
Their highest concept of right conduct, in his case, was to get a job. That was their first word and their last.
David Lopez Cuellar, 48, took college courses after high school but quit to get a job and support his family.