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GEUSDanmarks Og Grønlands Geologiske Undersøgelse (merger DGU and GGU - Denmark's and Greenland's geological survey)
GEUSGreenville Electric Utility System (Greenville, TX)
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The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) reported that the earthquake that possibly caused Sunday's tsunami had a magnitude of 4, as reported by the Danish news agency Ritzau.
Geus - Cierra Crossan and Phillip Geus, of Eugene, a son.
Ascent phase consisted on a 12 meters vertical route with steepness greater than 90[degrees] in order to require a higher physical and physiological demand (de Geus et al., 2006; Mermier et al., 1997; Noe et al., 2001).
The person whose writing inspired this project, Arie de Geus, did.
(1.) Bartels M, Van den Berg M, Sluyter F, Boomsma DI, de Geus EJ.
Against this backdrop, then, some aspects of Utopia, as Marius de Geus has argued, might point towards an early manifestation of an ecological sensibility, with its citizens who consider themselves the "good husbands" of the land and not its "owners," and who rotate (under a concept surely based on the practice of crop rotation) between the rural and the urban, "yearly changing and renewing the occupiers of husbandry" (More 1999, 51); with its insistence on ubiquitous gardens (54); with its concern with urban pollution (64); and above all with its abhorrence of waste, the latter quality especially rendering it de facto a "utopia of sufficiency", suffused with the ethos of sustainability which is so transparently embedded in the Utopian passage with which we began (de Geus 1999).
The Billegrav-2 well (DGU 248.61) was drilled as part of a shallow drilling campaign conducted by the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) on southern Bornholm in August 2010.
In this volume Geus and Thiering have amassed a collection of contributions that examine fundamental questions in common sense geography through case studies of ancient geographical texts.
Edited by Liam Leonard, John Barry, Marius De Geus, Peter Doran, and Graham Parkes
Following this value, the range of heritability was moderate to high: 55 to 85% (Luciano, Smith et al., 2001; Posthuma, de Geus, & Boomsma, 2001).
During the maximal climbing test, the attained [??][O.sub.2] corresponded to the peak values of de Geus et al.