GFCFGluten Free, Casein Free (diet)
GFCFGross Fixed Capital Formation (macroeconomic concept)
GFCFGreater Fostoria Community Foundation (Fostoria, OH)
GFCFGaseous Fuel Correction Factor
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This study also attempts to investigate the critical behavioral patterns of the GFCF in response to stimuli provided by the various insurance intermediation variables in Nigeria.
The cointegrating equation (normalized on the log of SFDI) is reported below and it shows that the long- run estimate for the log of INFR and the log of the real effective exchange rate are positive, while the long-run estimate for the log of GFCF is negative (signs are reversed because of the normalization process) (5); the t-ratios for all included variables are significant at least at the 5% level for a one-tailed test.
In the technical structure of GFCF construction participated with 62.
Since the GFCF diet is not yet proven effective in treating this condition, it is best to talk to a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian to prevent nutrient deficiencies.
It showed GFCF hovering around 2% of nominal GDP in the past couple of years, while non-residential GFCF jumped from 5% in 2006 to 6% of nominal GDP in 2013.
i] refers to total public sector GFCF value of the ith state, [[summation].
Selecting the variables for this database had, as the initial criterion, the theoretical aspects of the correlations between the number of employees in public administration (SER01) and the other eight factorial variables (from FDI, Exports and Imports, GFCF, GDP per capita, Household final consumption and industry value added); ultimately, the essential ones are (see Tables 3 and 4) both the normality of the data series according to descriptive statistics (test Jarque-Bera):
Let us now explain why GFCF is used as the main investment variable instead of other alternatives like gross capital formation (GCF) or investment in fixed assets.
A pilot study in 2012 noted that whilst 100% of parents with a child on a GFCF diet noticed improvements in behaviour and gastrointestinal symptoms, these results were not clinically verifiable (Harris 2012).
Using the commodity flow approach,16 Arby and Batool (2007) disaggregated GFCF into four components; namely, machinery and equipment (M), furniture and fixture (R), land improvement (L) and structure (S).