GH1Growth Hormone 1
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Effects of POU1F1 and GH1 genotypes on carcass traits in Hanwoo cattle.
The American manufacturers of the drug, GH1, have launched a major internet sales drive in Scotland.
Also, Fahey and Jackson (1997) measured an average of 27% less water yield from the partially reafforested GH2 catchment compared with the grassland GH1 catchment.
The expression patterns of IGF1, PIT1, and GH1 in the growth and development of the Liangshan pig were quite similar, with higher expression in the intermediate slaughter weight growth phases (67.
This hypothesis is supported by the decrease in mRNA abundance, during second week, of GH1 and Monopteros, two genes participating in the auxin response [16, 17] and by the increase in steady-state RNA of the auxin down-regulated gene ADR12-2 [18] at third and fourth week.
This cluster encompasses five genes (CSH1, CSH2, GH1, GH2, CSHL1) with very similar organization
Candidate gene analysis of GH1 for effects on growth and carcass composition of cattle.
It also contains GH1 gene which was targeted for mutations related to breast cancer at the promoter region in the proximal end of the gene.
The government has paid over GH1 million to 25 poultry farmers as compensation, following the destruction of 76,326 of birds that were affected by the avian influenza last year.
Placentae of primate, rodent and ruminant species secrete hormones structurally related to pituitary growth hormone GH1, PRL and CSH1.
Tenders are invited for Maintenance of Park (Gritt Wash Of Boundary Wall, Railing, Gate And Painting Work Of Park Between Gh1, Gh2, Gh3, Gh4(Plus) In Sector-105), Noida.
Domain analysis demonstrated that isolated p-glucosidases could be classified based on the type of glucose hydrolyzing domains (GH) such as GH1 (CL51Contig2), GH3 (CL1037Contig1, NEF-11-3a-T3_F03) and GH6 (NEF-20-1a-T3_C03, NEF-20-2a-T3_C22).