GHLGlobal Health Library (World Health Organization; Switzerland)
GHLGuardian Holdings Limited (Trinidad and Tobago)
GHLGuideline Harvest Level (commercial fishing)
GHLGreenland Halibut
GHLGrowth Hormone-Like (gene)
GHLGeneral Hunting License (Pennsylvania Game Commission; State Wildlife Management Agency; Pennsylvania)
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Dominic Adu, CEO of GHL Bank, said, 'As a universal bank, we aim to offer all-inclusive solutions to meet the increasing and diverse needs of our customers.
The plan also includes scrapping of the Champions Trophy and replacing it with GHL.
Fraud Wall, a solution developed by Jewel provides GHL with advanced capabilities to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions at the merchant level.
Jacob Kholi, Partner at The Abrj Group, said, "We are pleased to be backing an experienced local management team that has grown GHL into the market leader it is today, playing a key role in homeownership growth in Ghana and in an under-developed industry that has huge potential.
O ITVE foi menor de T0 ate T180 no GHL, menor 15 minutos apos a administracao de CR, no GHR, e menor apos a inducao da hipovolemia no GHCL e GHCR (Tabela 1).
He says the council - which owns the freehold to GHL - has had hard copies of the plans for months but has refused to comment on them.
GHL was said to be the first company to utilize diesel engines in small- to medium-sized hovercraft.
If, as NZCCI claim, it is feasible to shrink the share of government in GDP significantly, and if the GHL results are applicable, the policy prescription favoured by NZCCI and other industry groups would contribute materially to the economic objective of raising economic growth.
During the recently concluded Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in Malaysia, the FIH President Leandro Negre talked about some drastic changes in the structure of global competitions with the GHL to be introduced in 2019 in place of the Champions Trophy.