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GTsGood Times
GTsGeneral Terms of Sale (purchasing)
GTsGlobal Trade Services (SAP)
GTsGlobal Transaction Services (Citigroup division)
GTsGeneral Thoracic Surgery
GTsGlobal Trade Solutions (various locations)
GTsGeneral Theological Seminary
GTsGlobal Telecommunications System
GTsGlobal Trade Station (Pokémon)
GTsGold Technical Support
GTsGuaranteed Time Slots
GTsGrand Tourisme Sport
GTsGrand Touring Special
GTsGiga Transfers per Second
GTsGlobal Technical Support
GTsGlobal Technical Systems
GTsGlobal Technical Services
GTsGiga Texel Shading
GTsGrand Tourisme Speciale
GTsGlobal Telesystems
GTsGo to Sleep (professional wrestling move)
GTsGlobal Trade System (Pokémon)
GTsGeneric Traffic Shaping
GTsGas Transmission System
GTsGNU Triangulated Surface Library
GTsGas Transport Services BV (Netherlands)
GTsGilles de la Tourette Syndrome
GTsGoogle That Shit
GTsGhost in the Shell (anime show)
GTsGlobal Telesystems (Europe)
GTsGlobal Technology Solutions (various organizations)
GTsGoing to Sleep
GTsGoody Two Shoes
GTsGuaranteed Time Slot (networking protocol)
GTsGeographic Text Search (MetaCarta, Inc.)
GTsGreen Thumb Sunday (gardening)
GTsGreywater Treatment System (Australia)
GTsGoogle That Stuff
GTsGPS Tracking System
GTsGovernment Technology Services
GTsGas Turbine Services (Wood Group division)
GTsGlobal Technical Systems (Barrie, Ontario, Canada)
GTsGiga Texel Shader (nVidia)
GTsGrand Touring Sport (Pontiac)
GTsGlobal Telecommunications Service
GTsGas Turbine Ship
GTsGraduate Tuition Scholarship (various schools)
GTsGlenview Transfer Station (Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County; Glenview, IL)
GTsGold Technical Support (Dell Computer Company)
GTsGrand Touring Sedan
GTsGreat Trigonometrical Survey
GTsGuaranteed Tremendous Safety (Curb Your Enthusiasm)
GTsGas Turbine Starter
GTsGrid Trade Server
GTsGround Transportation Service(s)
GTsGarantiert Traditionelle Spezialität (German: Traditional Speciality Guaranteed)
GTsGeneric Threat Simulator (Royal Australian Navy)
GTsGlobal Tri-State
GTsGuam Tracking Station (AFSCN)
GTsGod That Sucked
GTsGlobal Telecommunications Society
GTsGlobal Telecommunications Solutions
GTsGlobal Technology Services LLC (Emirates National Oil Company; United Arab Emirates)
GTsGeneralized Traffic Shaping (Cisco)
GTsGary the Snail (Spongebob Squarepants)
GTsGovernment Transportation System
GTsGlobal Tire Standard
GTsGauge Tracking System
GTsGround Test Set
GTsGround Test System
GTsGuidance Test Set
GTsGovernment Telecommunications System
GTsGhost Town Streets
GTsGeostationary Tether Satellite
GTsGadsden Transportation Services
GTsGround Tracking Station
GTsGeo. T. Schmidt, Inc. (machine tool manufacturer since 1895; Niles, IL)
GTsGround Test Station
GTsGalaxy Tool Supply Inc (Chicago, IL)
GTsGalactic Trade Standard (MMORPG Vendetta online gaming)
GTsGraphics Terminal Subsystem
GTsGeneric Test Station
GTsGone To Smoke
GTsGo To Sync
GTsGlobal Test Sequence
GTsGovernment Telephone Service
GTsGeneration, Transmission & Switch Gear (electrical engineering)
GTsGroupe Technique de Sûreté (French: Security Technical Group)
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Manga fans are eagerly awaiting the new Ghost in the Shell, created in the wake of several Japanese animation films that have been breaking through to mainstream film since 1995.
Directed by Rupert Sanders and starring Scarlett Johansson, Juliette Binoche and Rila Fukushima, Ghost in the Shell takes place in the near future where Major (Scarlett Johansson) is saved from a terrible crash using a new technology that transforms her into a cyber-enhanced soldier capable of hacking and controlling people's mind.
But then Ghost In The Shell taxes the mind more than most.
GHOST IN THE SHELL 2: INNOCENCE - Two and one half stars
It's the opening scene of the animated Japanese film Ghost in the Shell (1995), but you don't have to know the movie to recognize it.
Ghost in the Shell was based on Masamune Shirow's comic book by the same name.
Indeed, Ghost in the Shell has much in common with Spielberg's far more courageous--and generally reviled--A.
Ghost in the Shell captures audiences within that web of intrigue otherwise known as 'the self'.
No Ghost" is, of course, an unveiled reference to the classic 1995 anime film Ghost in the Shell.
If anything, special effects wise, Ghost in the Shell appears to be in good hands.
And Ghost in the Shell has generated particularly strong interest among game testers.