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GITMGhost in the Machine
GITMGlobal Information Technology Management
GITMGlitch in the Matrix
GITMGive It to Me
GITMGlobal Information Technology Modernization
GITMGifts in the Moment
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reason: You talk about three modern "myths" in the book: the blank slate, the noble savage, and the ghost in the machine. Explain them briefly.
GHOST IN THE MACHINE: Jeanette Cave, 10-year-old granddaughter Charlene Cave (right) and nine-year-old Kelly Burnett view the image on the screen.
A modern British philosopher, Gilbert Ryle, has called the soul "the ghost in the machine." That oft quoted phrase means, according to the philosopher, that no matter how closely one inspects a person, there is only flesh and blood.