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GGeneral Audiences (movie rating)
GGrin (used in chat and email)
GGiga- (a prefix meaning 1 billion)
GGravitational acceleration (physics)
GGroup (algebraic object in mathematics)
GGroup (as in G-8, Group of 8 Industrialized Nations)
GGood (numismatics; 2nd worst condition of coin)
GGood (philatelic auction term)
GGames Played (baseball)
GGold (rollplaying games)
GOne Thousand Dollars (common US slang)
GGuard (basketball)
GGate (transistor; electronics)
GGlasgow (postcode, United Kingdom)
GGauge (syringes)
GGoals Scored (various sports)
GGenus (mathematics)
GGraz (Austrian city)
GGlider (US Military aircraft vehicle type designation)
GGalway (Irish car registration)
GGibbs Free Energy (thermodynamics)
GGauss (magnetic flux density)
GGoalie (hockey, soccer, etc.)
GGlycine (amino acid)
GGlycoprotein (virus protein)
GGravida (number of pregnancies)
GGuanine (DNA base)
GGillette Company (NYSE symbol)
GGravida (gynecology)
GGorod (Russian, town/city; used in postal addresses)
GGamma Hydroxybutyrate
GParaguayan Guarani (national currency)
GDutch Guilder (national currency)
GGefreiter (German)
GGinoo (Filipino: Mr. or Sir)
GEastern Quebec (Canada Post designation)
GGeneral Intelligence Factor (psychology/psychometrics)
GGraffenberg (spot)
GInsured Letter (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
GGiesma (form of chromosome banding)
GGuilford Gravure (philatelic prefix on stamp coils)
GIssued Traffic Citation (Alabama Public Safety radio code)
GFederal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Illinois (designates original point of circulation of a dollar bill)
GUndenominated United States Stamp (32 cents, introduced 1 Jan 1985)
GGerard Thematic Catalog (music, Italian)
GGenerator, Tachometer Generator, Exciter, or Rotating Amplifier
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The spontaneity of the Cr(VI) adsorption was evaluated from the Gibbs free energy change ([DELTA][G.sup.0]), calculated at equilibrium conditions as
An indication of the process of transfer of fenofibrate from pure water to the aqueous solution of HP[beta]CD may be obtained from the values of the Gibbs free energy change (Table 1).
Values of enthalpy (H), entropy (S), Gibbs free energy (G) and the coordinates L, a * and b * for different conditions of the drying air in the drying of the mesocarp of baru (Dipteryx alata Vogel) fruits Thermodynamic properties Temperature ([degrees]C) H (J [mol.sup.-1]) S (J [mol.sup.-1] [KG (J [mol.sup.-1]) 40 24401.17 -139.76 68167.02 50 24318.03 -140.02 69565.93 60 24234.89 -140.27 70967.42 70 24151.75 -140.52 72371.40 Coordinates Temperature ([degrees]C) L a * b * 40 52.00 a 7.26 a 30.41 a 50 53.19 a 7.15 a 30.37 a 60 51.07 ab 6.66 a 27.98 b 70 46.13 b 9.06 b 28.48 b Means followed by the same letter In the column do not differ from each other, according to Tukey's test, at 0.05 significance level
The minus sign in Gibbs free energy indicates that the reaction of mild steel with sulfuric acid was a spontaneous reaction [24].
Based on [14, 35] the black hole mass is identified with the enthalpy, rather than the internal energy, so the Gibbs free energy for fixed charge in the rainbow gravity will be
Equilibrium concentrations of a stoichiometric propane-air mixture at T = 2200 K and P = 1 atm were obtained by minimizing the Gibbs free energy of a system consisting of all the ions and neutrals considered in Calcote's study (mixture I).
Enthalpy, Entropy, and Gibbs Free Energy. The thermodynamic functions of Li[B.sub.5][O.sub.8] x 5[H.sub.2]O relative to the standard status, that is, 298.15 K and 0.1 MPa, can be derived based on the following thermodynamic equations:
The equilibrium constant, K, for an arbitrary reaction taking place during pyrolysis is related to the Gibbs free energy as follows:
Parameters such as energy ([E.sub.a]), enthalpy ([DELTA]H[double dagger]), entropy ([DELTA]S[double dagger]) and Gibbs free energy ([DELTA]G[double dagger]) activation evaluate the need for the addition of antioxidants and their efficiency, and estimate storage time, ensuring product quality in storage steps, distribution and use (Galvan et al., 2013).
where [DELTA][Z.sup.0] is the standard Gibbs free energy [[DELTA].sub.f][G.sup.0.sub.298] and standard enthalpy of formation [[DELTA].sub.f][H.sup.0.sub.298] for the corresponding compound.