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GFGGuaranty Financial Group (various locations)
GFGGood Financial Governance
GFGGeorge Foreman Grill
GFGGoing for Growth (various locations)
GFGGift from God
GFGGone for Good
GFGGamakatsu Fan Group
GFGGovernance for Growth (AusAID program)
GFGGovernor's Foot Guard
GFGGo Fly Girl
GFGGood Freakin' Game (polite form)
References in classic literature ?
Any one can find places, but the finding of people is a gift from God.
Let us bring back the belief that the life of other people, even of our enemies, is a gift from God.
What he said, and millions of people believe, is life is a gift from God," Jesmer said.
She offered the opinion that homosexuals are a gift from God because they are born that way.
He is, indeed, the lather of our republic, a gift from God.
Exercises and reflections offer means to dwell upon the sacredness in the body as a gift from God, and spiritual quotes in the margins from a wide assortment of authorities enrich this guide to life-affirming personal contemplation.
In her work, Liberty's Poet, Emma Lazarus, I was privileged to learn about a young Jewish girl living, in the 19th century in New York City, who had a true gift from God in penning words.
I always thank God as I regard Beyers a gift from God not only to me but also to many others in the world.
I AM ONE of those people who believe that Canada's emergence as a secular state is a gift from God, yet to be acknowledged by our churches, and certainly not identified as such by fundamentalist liberals.
How can a gift from God and a gift to God be one and the same?
Entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven could not be earned through good works, but was a reward and free gift from God bestowed only on those whom he elected to receive it.
WE have 10 copies of Lubo: A Gift From God to give away in a great competition.