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GEVGuardie Ecologiche Volontarie (Italian: Voluntary Ecological Guards)
GEVGiga-Electron-Volt (one billion electron-volts)
GEVGod's Eye View (aviation)
GEVGround-Effects Vehicle (Hovercraft)
GEVGumbel Extreme Value distribution (reliability)
GEVGeneralized Error Variance
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And it is at the frontiers of research -- at millikelvin temperatures, nanometer dimensions, kilogauss magnetic fields and giga-electron-volt energies -- that it's easiest to fall into Murphy's traps.
For example, the Energy Department would be allowed to begin construction of two new facilities--the continuous electron-beam accelerator at Newport News, Va., and the 1-2 giga-electron-volt synchrotron at Lawrence Berkeley (Calif.) Laboratory.
The results indicate that the top quark is probably heavier than the Z boson, which has a mass expressed in energy units of 91 giga-electron-volts (GeV), or nearly 100 times the proton's mass.