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GIMOGlobal Interactive Marketing Online (UK)
GIMOGruppo Italiano Movimenti Oculari (Italian: Italian Group Ocular Movements)
GIMOGlobal Internet Maintenance Organization :-)
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Thus, the energy consumption of the auxiliary equipment in the Gimo ice rink's refrigeration system becomes less than 3% of the grand total.
Teniente Gimo is distributed by Viva Films and topbills John Regala, Julio Diaz, Suzette Ranillo, Mon Confiado, Eliza Pineda and Joshua Dionisio.
On May 28, 1963, Gimo Yang flew a mission to the northeast provinces.
Auburn: Anika Blodgett, Gimo Barrera and Antoionette Pacifico
Mr Castner stressed that Saudvik's commitment to advanced material inserts is not new, pointing out that until now most of the output was generated by the Gimo, Sweden, plant.
The principal made a mistake, and the system kept compounding it," Luciano's brother Gimo said.
Sandvik Coromant's product range includes about 25,000 standard items with inventories of about 20,000 available in central warehouses located in Gimo, Sweden, Schiedam in the Netherlands, as well as in Erlanger, KY, in the US.
She's a custom-built material-handling solution, designed and built by the Sandvik Production Equipment team in Gimo, Sweden, under the direction of Project Manager Johan Eriksson.
In Leadership, Juan Aulet, Worcester Tech; Gimo Barrera, Doherty; Adriana Campoverde, Worcester Tech; Noel Ortiz, North; Esther Pacheco, University Park; and Koranda Suarez, South.
Second Honors: Daniel Amoateng, Douglas Arbetter, Gimo Barrera, Blerina Cipi, Elizabeth Cousins, Wendy Deluca, Serena Dipilato, Brendan Doyle, Christopher Ettis, Kara Finlay, Ethel Glover, Mary Hawkesworth, Chelsey Hevey, Kristaq Jano, Nelli Jara, Tara Kun, Sarah Le, Catherine Lenis, Gloria Lika, Raymond Martinez, Matthew Melia, Mary Mooshian, Richelle Moulin, Sarah Orcutt, Jared Palmerino, Abtin Pazooki, Marieda Pelteku, Nathalie Santana, Yelizaveta Semenova, Ina Spaho, Michael St.
Second Honors: Jelisa Adair, Joshua Adler, Patricia Almeida, Emma Ball, Gimo Barrera, Elaine Borenstein, Hannah Brown, Elizabeth Cousins, Tessa Demers, Brendan Doyle, Alexis Engelke, Hilary Fask, Emmett Fitzpatrick, Ioannis Genkos, Alain-Bernard Gilles, Gavin Halloran, Kristaq Jano, Nelli Jara, Christopher Kittredge, Tara Kun, Kristina Latino, Sarah Le, Catherine Lenis, Gloria Lika, Jenna Linz, Shannon Ludy, Natalya Machado, Matthew Melia, Mary Mooshian, Sabrina Morales, Richelle Moulin, Dara Nay, Jordan Nelson, Hoa Nguyen, Megan Ojeda, Abtin Pazooki, Marieda Pelteku, Kristi Prifti, Rebecca Primak, Mariela Qirici, Sarah Sekyi, Amy Shapiro, Michael St.