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GINAGlobal Initiative for Asthma
GINAGovernment Information Agency (Guyana)
GINAGraphical Identification and Authentication
GINAGenetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2007
GINAGeographic Information Network of Alaska (University of Alaska)
GINAGeometry and Functions in ‘N’ Adaptations (BMW)
GINAGPS Inertial Navigation Assembly
GINAGPS/INS Navigation Assembly
GINAGlobal Inventory in the Northern Hemisphere
GINAGlobal Institute for Asthma
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GINA (Geo Intelligent Network Analytics) is a fully integrated suite of modules which provides a multitude of wireless network management and optimization solutions in transforming efficiency, maximizing customer experience, and adding value to key areas of mobile operators' business.
Gina, who is known for her work as an international business speaker, author and motivational guru, wowed the judges at the black-tie event in London with her downto-earth, witty and authentic approach.
Viewers will see Gina bid farewell to Shieldinch after the latest twist in her disastrous love-life.
Gina, 60, said: "I got no warning of losing my job, no P45 and later discovered that my tax and NI hadn't been paid for a year.
Over the years, no two personalities from the industry have stood out as much as Lang Hancock and his daughter Gina Rinehart.
Gina, 48, left the North East for London when she was just 18.
Textile designer Gina, 46, and barrister David, 51, love styles from the 1920s to the 1970s and prefer to invest their time trawling antiques shops, charity shops, boot sales and eBay for second-hand buys.
GINA complements statutes already in the ADA, or the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Gina invites you to experience the great benefits included in a network membership.
Gina, 52, of the Grainger Park Estate, Newcastle, lost her husband Les in February 2009 to non-Hodgkins lymphoma.
I couldn't believe it when I got a phone call from the manager at the record label to ask if I would produce the video for Unique's single release," said Gina.