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GINIGerman Infant Nutritional Intervention (study; Germany)
GINIGazette International Networking Institute
GINIGlobal Information Networking Institute
GINIGPS/INS Integration (navigation software)
GINIGene Identification by NMD (Nonsense Mediated Decay) Inhibition
GINIGOES Ingest and NOAAPORT Interface
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Empirical studies devoted to the selection of factors influencing the level of income inequality, dependent on the degree of financialization, most often employ linear (or less frequently non-linear) regression where the dependent variable is usually the GINI coefficient.
Scholastica's high school alum in my Anvil book, My Filipino Connection: The Philippines in Hollywood: Gini volunteered that she injected the Filipino sense of humor and facial expressions in Dory-one of her all-time favorite characters.
Latin America stands as one of the regions with the highest levels of income inequality, as measured by the Gini coefficients and other distributive indices.
Referring to Figure 1, above, area B can be expressed as a ratio of area B+C to create a tax-price variation index that is akin to the Gini index.
This paper mainly focuses on an Improved Gini Index algorithm and its application and proposes an FW algorithm using Improved Gini Index algorithm instead of the IDF part of TF-IDF algorithm, known as TF-Gini algorithm.
Keywords: Educational Inequality, Gini Index, Rural-Urban Gap, Sindh, Pakistan
To measure income inequality TurkStat uses the Gini index.
The Gini index is an international measure of inequality named after Italian statistician and sociologist Carrado Gini, who published the measuring stick of income distribution in 1912.
Second, in order to measure the distribution of income for any country, the Gini Coefficient is used in order to quantify the Lorenz Curve.
The Gini coefficient--the most common standard to measure income differences, in which 0 is absolute equality and 1 absolute inequality--declined from a weighted average of 0.
Pero modesto comparado con el Gini de 0,25 de Escandinavia, que es la region mas igualitaria del mundo en funcion del ingreso.
Gini out of bottle: most common mathematical measure used to judge how income is distributed within a society.