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GIRIGenetic Information Research Institute (Mountain View, CA)
GIRIGuide d'Initiation à la Recherche dans l'Internet (French: Guide of Essential Internet Research)
GIRIGray Iron Research Institute (Columbus, Ohio; now Iron Casting Research Institute)
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How can the police stop me from performing my religious duties when I am doing this for peace, love and communal harmony," Giri said.
Giri recently was in India to open his development office and to cement a partnership with the country's leading tech school - Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi.
For his effort, Kramnik walks away with $10,000 as his third placed prize money while second-placed Giri goes home with $15,000.
HANDS UP: Hundreds attend the huge Hindu event, watched by (right) Ranjuben Popat, Lord Mayor Councillor Kieran Mulhall, Ranchodbhai Chauhan, Shree Giri Bapu and Liilaaben Parekh
While living in the area over the past nine years, Giri has made a lot of friends.
At the moment, the ban is lifted on those workers who have valid residence permit in Bahrain,' said Giri.
Giri complained that leaders who talk about leading the revolution for the wellbeing of the common people had been turning a deaf ear to their pleas.
The money will support the company's regional expansion, said Giri Jadeja, Senior Mgr for IFC Financial Markets.
The 60-year-old's performance in the Merseyside-made film Giri won him an award for the best actor in a short drama at the End of the Pier International Film Festival in Sussex.
Kedar Prasad Giri was on his way to the supreme court on Thursday when protestors, who had blocked several streets in Katmandu, hurled stones at his vehicle.
The protesters vandalized a vehicle belonging to Chief Justice Kedar Prasad Giri and torched two police vans in the course of the demonstrations, police officer Keshav Upreti said.
The newly formed separatist group's general secretary, Roshan Giri, said it would help with travel arrangements.