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GIRIGenetic Information Research Institute (Mountain View, CA)
GIRIGuide d'Initiation à la Recherche dans l'Internet (French: Guide of Essential Internet Research)
GIRIGray Iron Research Institute (Columbus, Ohio; now Iron Casting Research Institute)
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The jury heard that on December 10, 2013, Giri left his Sketty home to head for his job at Cardiff's Queen Street railway station.
16 August 2011 - ICRA said today it had assigned a B rating to the bank facilities of Indian textile company Shri Giri Spinning Mills (India) Pvt Ltd at B.
Event organiser Ranchodbhai Chauhan said: "About 600 people came and they were extremely dedicated as they came every day for the week to hear Giri Bapu speak.
Giri has played with the Allman Brothers, Donovan, John Sebastian (Lovin' Spoonful), Don Felder and Bernie Leadon (Eagles), Fred Tackett (Little Feat), Liberty DeVito (Billy Joel) and the Gators, a news release says.
Giri said embassy officials will hold a meeting with workers to hear their views and complete formalities of those who wish to leave Bahrain.
Such a government should be formed with the consent of the largest party in the Constituent Assembly - the UCPN (Maoist), said NSP (A) Parliamentary Party Leader Sarita Giri in a press statement on Sunday.
The 60-year-old's performance in the Merseyside-made film Giri won him an award for the best actor in a short drama at the End of the Pier International Film Festival in Sussex.
Kedar Prasad Giri was on his way to the supreme court on Thursday when protestors, who had blocked several streets in Katmandu, hurled stones at his vehicle.
The protesters vandalized a vehicle belonging to Chief Justice Kedar Prasad Giri and torched two police vans in the course of the demonstrations, police officer Keshav Upreti said.
There can be no reconciliation between the king and political parties on that basis,'' Vice Chairman of the Council of Ministers Tulasi Giri said in the government's first and delayed official reaction to the pact.
With: Mahant Sri Shiv Raj Giri, Raman Giri, Santosh Giri, Nomi Giri, Dhuna Girl Naga Baba, Mahamandaleshwar Sita Sharan Das, Barfani Das, Hanuman Das, Pawan Nath Aghori, Shukar Nath Aghori, Ratan Nath Aghori, Narmada Puri, Kashi Giri, Swami Brahmanandji, Sri Rama Pati Das, Ram Das Tyagi, Garbar Nath Maharaj, Swami Nardanandji Maharaj, Jagan nath Tyagi, Ganesh Giri.
Scientist David Giri claims he has developed a beam of radio waves from a special antenna which can knock out a car's electronics.