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GITMOGuantanamo Bay (Cuba; usually seen as GTMO)
GITMOGiving Inmate Terrorists More Opportunities (bill)
GITMOGruppo Italiano Trapianti Di Midollo Osseo (Italian: Italian Group for Bone Marrow Transplantation)
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The detainees at Gitmo were called "detainees" and not "prisoners of war" because they did not qualify as POWs under the Geneva Convention.
Some observers believe Obama has the authority to unilaterally close Gitmo without Congress' approval, arguing that the NDAA restriction is unconstitutional.
After all, under President Bush, some 530 detainees were transferred from Gitmo with Congress' support.
If Obama is serious about closing Gitmo, he must start by persuading Congress to remove the obstacles.
First, though the book touches on various counterterrorism policies, two predominate: (1) the administration's expansion of drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia; and (2) its effort, abandoned in the face of congressional opposition, to close Gitmo and to release or try the suspected terrorists there in civilian court.
Dennis, who lives in Canada, said the plea bargain was a way of getting Khadr back to Canada from the maximum security detention camp, nicknamed Gitmo, where he claims his client was tortured.
Ghezali was a European Muslim from Europe, a former Gitmo detainee, and affiliated with al-Qaeda.
THE GITMO BAR GOES 0-8 (The Wall Street Journal, New York)
We have been supplying stevedoring and terminal related services for the USMC Maritime Prepositioning Program, GITMO Barge, SDDC's 832nd Transportation Battalion, and the care and storage of equipment for the Foreign Military Sales program.
NASA set to launch new generation spaceship flightsAttacker of USS Cool set to appear before military panel in Gitmo on Wednesday.
are sent back to their homes in Russia within hours of capture, and as Israel has negotiated the release of thousands of terrorists from its prisons, and as Gitmo inmates are sent to the Bahamas with U.
Another leaked Gitmo file says that former detainee Abdul Hafiz, who quickly rejoined the Taliban's jihad after being transferred in December 2009, was part of an insurgency group that "consisted of 40 to 60 Taliban and HIG fighters who were ordered by a Quetta-based Taliban commander on a mission to conduct attacks against Westerners and Afghans sympathetic to the Afghan Transitional Authority.