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GITSGhost in the Shell (Anime movie based on the Manga by Masamune Shirow)
GITSGovernment Information Technology Services
GITSGovernment Information Technology Services Board
GITSGastro-Intestinal Therapeutic System
GITSGeeks Into the Streets (University of Maryland, Baltimore County; now defunct)
GITSGeneral Intelligence Training System
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In spite of the above, KriArj provided its unconditional support to GITS and continued to make huge investments in the film till it was realised that the amounts were not being used for the right purposes.
Constant absence from class due to lack of school fees cost Gits his dream grade A in form four, but he told himself he must make it up one day, somehow.
As someone who has been to Lapland, I can tell you reindeer are gits.
FORGIVE me if I seem like a grumpy old git today but I feel like a grumpy old git.
Almost all of our research is done at a micro level" says Sahil Gilani director (sales and marketing) Gits.
The Gits," a true and tragic rock 'n' roll saga, emphasizes the legend of its title band and the alluring qualities of lead singer Mia Zapata, who was raped and murdered just as the band had reached the brink of national exposure.
The GITs also use the multijurisdictional model, by bringing together probation, parole, school police and gang officers to develop strategies to stop gangs and prevent people from joining, or rejoining, gangs.
The GITs, implemented in March in all of the LAPD's 18 divisions, integrate gang officers, detectives and narcotic investigators - as well as community watchdogs - to put the screws to L.
The Army's AMROTS implementation truly exemplifies improved speed and accuracy, as well as substantial cost savings through the strategic use of Web-enabled technology," said Dennis Fischer, Commissioner, Federal Technology Service, General Services Administration, a GITS Board Champion and co-director of the CEIT.
Since its inception in September 1993, GITS has strengthened leadership in information technology, furnished a setting where information resources across the government can be shared, and quickened the development and implementation of technology infrastructure.