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GBTNGive Back to Nature (India)
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Every PS6 donation will allow Trees for Life to plant a native tree - a lasting legacy, and a great, green way to give back to nature when visiting Bella 2019."
"I was inspired to show readers the beauty in nature and how they could give back to nature and give back to their communities," Bryant explains.
"This canal will give back to nature. Whatever water will come from the forest nearby, we will produce electricity from it.
Green Team provides a platform to Tavantians to voluntarily participate and give back to nature.
Verma said, "SAIL goes beyond merely ensuring that regulatory requirements are duly adhered to, by initiating measures proactively to give back to nature what has been taken from it." The protection and preservation of the environment and its ecosystem are an established priority covering all areas of SAIL operations, he added.
Happy with this makeover, Santa thinks of a unique gifting idea and encourages everyone to give back to Nature....a cause driven by Naturals - India's No.1 Salon Chain.
Gogl's intention was to take the earth she removed to build the hotel and raise it up, "to give back to nature on a higher level."
NYC commissioner Erwin Andaya said Earth Hour was among the most significant efforts of humans to give back to nature. "We may truly replace what is lost, but we can do something about those that are at risk environmentally," said Andaya, chair of the NYC committee on environment and sustainable development.
wi-tribe is an environmentally conscious company that encourages initiatives that give back to nature and have positive effects on the environment.
Although I may sound alarmist and even at the cost of belabouring the point, it is high time for us to do our bit to conserve Nature and give back to Nature and society at large what we take.
Sometimes it is human beings who see the opportunity to not only derive benefit for themselves but to actually, give back to Nature. This is what is happening in some of the areas in Uttarakhand.