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GPMPGiza Plateau Mapping Project (research project; Giza, Egypt)
GPMPGaseous Pollutant Monitoring Program (US NPS)
GPMPGraduate Program in Management Practice (California)
GPMPGroundwater Protection Management Plan/Program
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Giza Plateau mapping project seasons 2009; preliminary report.
The Ancient Egypt Research Associates uses such technologies and techniques for the Giza Plateau Mapping Project, which includes work to map the Sphinx.
Among the archaeological sites reported on are the Giza plateau mapping project, the early dynastic cemetery at Helwan/Ezbet el-Walda, Alexandria, Greco-Roman glass workshops at Beni Salama (Wadi Natrun), Saqqara, the Valley of the Kings, and the precinct of the goddess Mut at South Karnak.
Giza Plateau mapping project seasons 2006-2007; preliminary report.