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GZGround Zero
GZGaliza (Spanish region)
GZG-Zip (compressed archive; file extension)
GZGaza Strip
GZGreen Zone
GZGizeh (Egyptian automobile license plate)
GZGraf Zeppelin
GZGraetz Number
GZGeneration Z
GZGraphics Z-Buffer
GZVibrational Acceleration Along the Z-Axis
GZGroovyzone.org (web site/forum)
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We travelled in the pyramid train to Gizeh, along the tree-lined route, importuned by sly grog sellers and an army of mendicants.
Finally, BBA also acquired the outstanding 50% of Gizeh Spuntec Vliesstoffe GmbH from Ferma Gizeh-Werk for DM 6 million.
26-27) dealing with half a dozen medieval European travellers in Egypt only as "Latrun"; the work he was using was Jean Antoine Letronne, "Sur le revetement des pyramides de Gizeh .
Birkenstock's classic two-strap Arizona slide, the T-strap Gizeh, the Granada sandal and the Mayari sandal will be the first styles to appear in select Flip Flop Shops' locations throughout the United States, beginning January 2015.
La seconde etape, prevue les 11 et 12 mai, est consacree a Gizeh, Alexandrie, Beni-Soueif, Assouan, la Nouvelle Vallee, Suez et la Mer Rouge, avec un second tour les 18 et 19 mai.
Plastic packaging specialist, Gizeh, has manufactured multicoloured PET bottles on conventional stretch blow moulding machines.
Brier suggests to us that the pyramids, such as the ones at Gizeh, took 20 years to build, with a stone block dropped in place every few minutes by non-slave workers who accepted pharaonic law as divine, issued to the Pharaoh from Ra himself.