GJSGlobal Japan Studies
GJSGreenwich Japanese School (Greenwich, CT)
GJSGold Juno Sword (computer game)
GJSGulf Jazz Society (Panama City, FL)
GJSGold Jewel Settings (pocket watches)
GJSGeorge James Software (Shepperton, Middlesex, UK)
GJSGlobal Justice Sydney (Australia)
GJSGap Junctional Subunits (pancreas)
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Kelly Abbott, CEO of GJS, says, "so many influencers are not corporations or publishers, writ large.
Las estrategias de defensa ante los ataques del malware israelita adquirido por el gobierno mexicano que aconseja GJS son cuatro y muy simples:
In Schwann cells, CX32 forms the intracellular GJs between paranodal loops and Schmidt–Lanterman incisures that allow diffusion of small molecules.
The new office is part of GJS Dillon's growth plans as it approaches the end of its sixth year in business.
The latest GJS Machinery customer to take advantage of the benefits of direct to garment printing is Alexandria-based printing firm T-shirt Magic who installed a Brother GT-782 garment printer over the Christmas break.
As such, we intended to characterize the effect of androstenedione on Cx43 expression, localization and GJIC to further understand how GJs display PCO phenotype through their effects on GC differentiation.
Connexins have not been found in invertebrates; instead, invertebrate GJs are composed of proteins initially known as innexins (invertebrate connexin; Panchin et al.
Gower JC, Ross GJS (1969) Minimum spanning trees and single linkage cluster analysis.
With the 42-lot first phase of Hawthorne Estates sold out, GJS Land Co.
Recently, the protein zonula-occludens-1 (ZO-1) has been suggested to have an important role in the organization of GJs between cardiomyocytes in development and disease.
Pontell points out that GJs not only must deal with the time demands of their children but also those of their aging parents, who tend to live longer these days.