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GKOGamma Knockout (immunology)
GKOGereja Kristen Oikumene (Indonesian: Ecumenical Christian Church)
GKOGiant Killers Organization
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Table 4 demonstrates that GKO is slightly superior to GKA (6.
GKO Advisory Committee Chair Alison Berry adds, "We have different groups in the area supporting us in different ways.
On August 17, 1998, Russia defaulted on its GKO payments and, through an exchange-control law, prohibited payments under a number of contracts, including the swap transactions.
Hastaya klinik, laboratuar ve radyolojik bulgular esliginde GKO tanisi konuldu.
No se ha observado tampoco un cambio a una respuesta Th2 en los ratones GKO o IL-12p40-deficientes infectados con M.
This speculative behaviour on the GKO market precipitated several falls in the rouble.
To quantify the markets' changing evaluation of risk on ruble securities, the authors use a model that equates the one-year GKO rate to the sum of four elements: the one-year U.
101) The banks financed GKO purchases "by borrowing from foreign banks through repo contracts, in the process exposing themselves to substantial currency risk.
This situation is not entirely unlike what happened last summer when the Russian GKO market collapsed.
Al enterarse por canales secretos de que iba a suceder la crisis y de que el Banco Central de Rusia iba a deshacerse de las llamadas obligaciones de credito estatales (GKO), estos funcionarios del gobierno vendieron sus GKO que todavia tenian valor, a precios nada bajos, comprando a la vez los dolares que fueron transferidos acto seguido a los bancos extranjeros.
Investors should have been wary when GKO yields soared into triple digits, but Russia, so the markets believed, was too big to sink.