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GLTHGlad to Hear
GLTHGay, Lesbian, Transgender and HIV/AIDS (community)
GLTHGood Luck to Holders
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References in classic literature ?
I am glad to hear that my father continues so well; and am, with best love,
I write to you from my own room at Venice, thinking you will be glad to hear from me.
All the letters he had ever written to her, she kept in a cabinet near her own chair by the fire; and she would have read me some of them, and I should have been very glad to hear them too, if he had not interposed, and coaxed her out of the design.
Moralists will be glad to hear that I really suffered acute mental misery at this time of my life.
I shall be glad to hear, by return of post if possible, how the matter strikes you.
"How, Jack?" said the old gentleman, "and are you really then not married to this young woman?" "No, upon my honour," answered Nightingale, "I have told you the simple truth." "My dear boy," cries the uncle, kissing him, "I am heartily glad to hear it.
It's a gratifying circumstance which you'll be glad to hear, that a young and lovely girl is growing into a woman expressly on my account, and is now saving up for me.
Dear Tess, we are all glad to Hear that you are going really to be married soon.
"There are many things," I said, "which my mother would be glad to hear, if I were not too stupid to think of them.
"My poor Beauty," he said one day, "my good horse, you saved your mistress' life, Beauty; yes, you saved her life." I was very glad to hear that, for it seems the doctor had said if we had been a little longer it would have been too late.
I was very glad to hear him say that; it made me feel much more easier than what I was feeling before.
However, your coming just at this time is the greatest of comforts, and I am very glad to hear what you tell us, of long sleeves."