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GLAMISGrants And Loans Accounting and Management Information System
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Would you be ashamed, wouldn't you be a little proud, if the heir of the Glamis horror called you his friend?
We've involved lawyers and the claim has been passed to Glamis Castle's insurers but we're still no further forward.
A matchmaker arranged for the pair to meet at Glamis Castle as guests of Mary, Dowager Countess of Strathmore.
The Tayside castle is said to house a ghost known as the Grey Lady - believed to be the spirit of the Queen Mother's ancestor, Lady Glamis.
If Metallica fails to make its next scheduled $5 million payment within six months of the closing date of the sale, Glamis will retain the initial $2 million payment and will receive a 51% interest rate of return from Metallica.
Dotted about the Empire were scores of men who remembered with affection the girl who helped to nurse them at Glamis.
At Glamis Castle one bouquet carried the message, "Your Majesty, Elizabeth, your spirit lives on and we know a part of you will forever be at Glamis.
Her father, then Lord Glamis, allowed seven weeks to pass before driving into Hitchin from his English country estate at St Paul's Walden Bury, Hertfordshire, to register his daughter's birth.
Glamis Gold's VP of Investor Relations, David Hyatt, claims that the Interior Department is "changing the ground rules.
Their family home was Glamis Castle, a place - according to legend - of ghosts, monsters and murder and the 11th Century home of Macbeth.
And Glamis, already a winner this term, is certain to be well backed with the stable in such irresistible form.