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When he died, former First Minister Rhodri Morgan said: "He was a massive figure in Ely and in South Glamorgan politics, and he married religion and politics remarkably effectively in that he never saw any distinction between being a very committed Christian vicar of a very deprived parish, like the parish of the Church of the Resurrection in North Ely, and being a leader and member of the Labour group on South Glamorgan County Council.
Jack led South Glamorgan County Council during a time of great change and transformation for Cardiff.
The minutes of the Glamorgan County Council Standing Joint [Police] Committee note: "By permission of the Chairman I have made small temporary advances of 10 shillings per week to the wives of the reservists recalled to the Colours, for their immediate requirements.
Ten years later he became director of environment and planning at the newly formed South Glamorgan County Council.
IF Swansea council can get a good price for the 35-year-old former West Glamorgan County Council HQ building on the seafront, they hope to get going on the monstrously overdue modernisation of the Swansea downtown.
Councillor Kevin Mahoney (UKIP) Sully ward Vale of Glamorgan County Council
A tape recording of an "unbearable" whistle produced by a bridge on the A48 near Cowbridge is to be sent to the Noise Abatement Society, and Glamorgan County Council, who received the first complaints about the noise five years ago, are to start experiments to try and deaden the noise.
SCHEDULES Schedule 1 - Revocation West Glamorgan County Council (Various Streets, Neath and Port Talbot) (Prohibition of Waiting) and (Residents Parking Order 1995 is hereby revoked only in so far as it relates to the lengths and sides of roads set out in Schedule 2.
When he left the pub he managed in New Tredegar and came back to his home town of Bedwas, he stood for the Rhymney Valley District Council and for Mid Glamorgan County Council and won both seats.
It reminded me of visiting the old Glamorgan County Council building in Cathays Park some years ago.
When I was young they were part of the mighty Glamorgan County Council.