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GLASGay and Lesbian Arabic Society
GLASGeneral Ledger Accounting System
GLASGust-Load Alleviation System
GLASGoddard Laboratory of Atmospheric Sciences
GLASGeosciences Laser Altimeter System
GLASGiggling Like A Schoolgirl
GLASGiugno, Luglio, Agosto, Settembre (Italian: June, July, August, September; band)
GLASGay Lesbian and Straight (various locations)
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Glas Cymru acquired Welsh Water for a nominal fee of PS1, but took on the massive PS1bn that Welsh Water had run up under Hyder's ownership.
In association with LPL Financial, the GLAS platform is designed to assist advisors operating under their own DBA in establishing and maintaining a wide range of non-revenue generating activities.
Hundreds of millions of birds are killed every year due to collisions with glass on buildings.
This while on the outskirts of town crypts were being prepared for many of the bus bombing victims, nurses tended to the wounded on life support and investigators dealt with their own glass shard puzzles.
Glas Cymru said it had invested an extra pounds 41 million in the business over the year, including pounds 23 million to tackle sewage flooding problems.
GLAS @ccess is an easy-to-use browsing and searching tool for the World Wide Web.
No objections were received about the Coed Glas proposals.
Awgrymir y gallai rhai ermwyr ddyblu eu cynnydd drwy well rheolaeth ar eu tir glas.
Tybed a fedrwch chi ddweud beth ydyn nhw, a pam maen nhw'n dod ar ddarn o'r lle glas yma.
But he warned other UK water groups hoping to follow Glas Cymru's lead may well be disappointed.
Glas Cymru, a group of ex-Welsh Water directors, got together in a bid to keep control of the firm in Wales.
A torrid evening jammed full of incident and drama boiled up into a crazy climax when German referee Wolfgang Glas got his wires inexplicably twisted in the main final.