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GARLGlasgow Airport Rail Link (Scotland, UK)
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ROSEMARY Keery's letter about the Glasgow airport rail link makes the perfect point - it would be a waste of money at this stage.
The study follows a hugely controversial decision by the Scottish Government four years ago to drop a plan for a Glasgow Airport Rail Link.
The proposed PS170million Glasgow Airport Rail Link (GARL) proposal was cancelled in 2009 by Finance Secretary John Swinney.
The move followed a decision by the the Scottish Nationalist administration four years ago to ax the planned GBP[pounds sterling]210 million (USD$327 million) Glasgow Airport Rail Link.
The pounds 400million Glasgow Airport Rail Link, known as GARL, will be scrapped despite helping to secure the 2014 Commonwealth Games.
And Scottish Labour finance spokesman Iain Gray said the fund could resurrect the planned Glasgow airport rail link (Garl) that the SNP controversially scrapped.
The PS170million Glasgow Airport rail link proposal was cancelled in 2009 by finance secretary John Swinney.
The first includes maintenance to the existing network, while the second includes new lines, such as the Glasgow Airport Rail Link, Airdrie to Bathgate and the Borders railway.
New figures this week revealed the Scottish Government blew PS30million on the Glasgow airport rail link that they scrapped in 2009.
All projects have been put on a priority scale, which means most - including the Glasgow airport rail link - may not be completed until the end of the decade.
THE Scottish Government blew almost PS30million of taxpayers' money on the doomed Glasgow airport rail link.
Labour voted against the spending blueprint after calls to restore the proposed Glasgow Airport Rail Link were rejected.
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