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GFPPGlass-Filled Polypropylene (building material)
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In one instance, a manufacturer used adhesive bonding to attach Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) inserts to a glass-filled polypropylene bumper.
CAMX outfits the X330 with the Comfortek stock, molded into form with glass-filled polypropylene. This material is chosen for its high strength-to-weight ratio, ability to be molded into complex contours and all-around toughness.
Multiple mold shots and selected materials such as glass-filled polypropylene enable different support areas in a single molded piece.
This product provides a bridge between the glass-filled polypropylene solutions of today and the enhanced carbon fiber solutions of the future.
Composed of standard and glass-filled polypropylene with a PEEK thumb latch and an EPDM o-ring, the NS1 features tight inner diameter tolerances and has been tested to perform for several years.
Examples include: Noryl GTX resin for body panels, Lexan polycarbonate for automotive glazing applications, Xenoy iQ resin in pedestrian protection systems, Sabic Stamax long glass-filled polypropylene for front-end module assemblies, and Flexible Noryl resin for ultra-thin-wall wire coating.
The two-piece stock is made from glass-filled polypropylene and has a textured finish and big fat T/C logo molded into the buttstock.
It consists of two primary component parts molded of 30 percent glass-filled polypropylene, held together by an embedded stainless steel stud and mounted between a check valve and flat fan nozzle.
Flangeless fittings consist of a robust, glass-filled polypropylene Omni-Lok fitting nut and an Omni-Lok ferrule constructed from PTFE, PEEK or Tefzel with a stainless steel lock ring.
* The seal is made of glass-filled polypropylene material and designed for increased durability.
One cited application of a 40% glass-filled polypropylene that's made with the DFT process is an under hood front end assembly that is used by Volvo to replace a metal part (the high resistance to heat distortion is said to be a reason why the composite can be used in this application).